WoWTunnels is now Pingzapper

WoWTunnels is now Pingzapper, a name more be-fitting the service which now supports a variety of games. Here is what you need to know about the changes we have made:

What's the Same

  • Wide range of servers to choose from
  • Excellent support
  • All your account details and service time

What's New

  • Price reduction! Fees now start at only $2.99/month
  • New games added, e.g. TERA
  • Brand new site, with enhanced security via SSL
  • Brand new client, supporting one click support of running multiple games at once
  • Refer a friend now gives both you and your friend a free month!
  • Coupons allow you to purchase Pingzapper time to give to a friend, or purchase in bulk to receive extra discounts for your guild or store.