No effect on ping in games

The performance can vary a lot depending on each individual's network conditions and the game being played. Some players may see a huge difference while others may see very little or no difference in their ping. It really depends on multiple factors in your network conditions.

For example, if your ISP or network provider throttles and shapes gaming traffic, you'll see the biggest difference in ping reduction since we encrypt all data to by-pass this.

Therefore, we suggest giving a try first with our free trial.

You should also double check whether you are connecting through Pingzapper correctly. For TCP games, you can try the following:

First login with Pingzapper and log into your game. Next, while you're in game go back to the Pingzapper client and right click your game profile and select "restart tunnel".

You should get disconnected in game at this point. If you don't get disconnected, please contact us.