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  • @jaycuadro Where are you located? If you’re in EU you can use NY, or if Asia Pacific then use LA1-7
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US West (7)

Los Angeles 1 Online 43 players
Los Angeles 2 Online 51 players
Los Angeles 3 Online 39 players
Los Angeles 4 Online 32 players
Los Angeles 5 Online 11 players
Los Angeles 6 Online 21 players
Los Angeles 7 Online 14 players

US Central-North (2)

Chicago 1 Online 48 players
Chicago 2 Online 35 players

US Central-South (2)

Dallas 1 Online 64 players
Dallas 2 Online 65 players

US East (3)

New York 1 Online 44 players
New York 2 Online 39 players
New York 3 Online 48 players

Europe (4)

Netherlands 1 Online 44 players
Netherlands 2 Online 30 players
France 1 Online 63 players
London 1 Online 43 players

Asia-Pacific (4)

Singapore 1 Online 44 players
Malaysia 1 Online 11 players
Hong Kong 1 Online 25 players
Tokyo 1 Online 51 players

South America (1)

Sao Paulo 1 Online 10 players
Total players online: 875
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