Refer a friend

Note: You must have a paid account to refer friends. If your account is trial, you will not be able to refer friends.

Refer others to join Pingzapper and receive free time for both you and your friends!
Once the referred player pays for his/her first month, both you and the referred user will receive one free month.

There are two ways to refer a friend:

1. Share Pingzapper using the special referral link. Your specialized link can be found in the account section when you login.

2. Have your friend enter your username when he/she signs up.


Do you make videos on Youtube or stream your games on Twitch ?
You may be interested in our sponsorship program!

You can choose between earning free Pingzapper time, or earn commission each time you refer new players to Pingzapper.

Referral Instructions

As with normal referrals, new players signing up with your link or promo code will get a free month once they upgrade their account from trial status.

There are two methods to refer new players to Pingzapper on a sponsorship account.

  1. Use the referral link provided in your sponsorship account. Players who sign up using this link will have a cookie saved so your referral can be recorded.
  2. Use a custom promo code, which you can set. Players can enter this promo code during sign up.