$5.99 / month


$8.99 / month

Server Access

Standard subscriptions can access all standard servers

Premium subscriptions can access all standard servers plus exclusive premium servers

Standard Servers
Standard Servers
Premium Servers

Performance Metrics

Standard subscriptions have access to basic performance metrics.

You can view live & historical ping data for all servers.

Premium subscriptions have access to advanced performance metrics.

In additional to live & historical ping data, you can also view packet loss, and average latency metrics.

Ping History
Ping History
Packet Loss
Average Ping

Custom Profiles

1 custom profile can be added to PingZapper

5 custom profiles can be added to PingZapper

1 Custom Profile
5 Custom Profiles

New Feature Access

Standard subscriptions will receive new features after extensive testing

Premium subscriptions can join the alpha/beta testing program to preview new features before they are released

Standard Access
Standard Access
Early Access


Standard Support
Priority Support